Septic Repairs

We’ll fix any type of septic problem

Restore your drainfield with our reliable drainfield restoration treatments. We’ll get your drainfield back in working condition by  pumping most of the liquid out of it and treating it with septic scrub.

You’ll get the highest quality and care possible. It doesn’t matter how large or small the repair is, you’ll get it at a competitive price.

When it comes to a septic problem, we can do it

  • Baffle and riser repairs
  • Extend main manhole opening up to the surface of the ground
  • Septic and pump tank replacements
  • Drip system repairs
  • Broken or clogged line repairs and replacement
  • Septic tank and pump sealing and repairs
  • D-Box repairs
  • Drainfield locating / consulting

Watch Merle Weaver of Septic Systems, LLC give an overview of how septic Systems work: