Merle Weaver began offering septic systems Consulting and Inspection Services as part of his Septic Pumping Services in 1998. Before long he trained his younger brother Matt as a technician to replace himself. By 2002 Matt had taken over operations. Matt has risen to become a respected and proficient industry-respected septic systems professional. In 2014 Merle again joined the team as a systems and back-office provider. At that time Sonlight Consultants, LLC was formed as an independent business focused specifically on septic system inspections, light repairs, and consultations. In 2017 in preparation for future expansion and additional service lines Sonlight Consultants was renamed Sonco, LLC.  Currently the LLC is made up of the two Weaver brothers Matt & Merle Weaver.

Manager – Merle R Weaver.                                  LLC Member – Matt L Weaver.

Merle W    IMG_8616